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Radio Workstation 2 (2023) is here!

Radio Workstation Onair

Professional playout radio software

RW Onair and RW Scheduler integrate to provide a very affordable, easy to use, user friendly and powerful radio broadcasting software solution for radio and internet streaming / webcasting on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 platforms.



Basic window with jingle cards Show categories (right) for tracks Instant player (for attachments, etc. as a third player) Form monitor for listening and editing mix points Edit track information, edit tags Search for tracks in different fields, just start typing ... Editing rotation takes place through the visual interface and simply add categories with tracks Basic view of the application settings form Settings for AGC (automatic volume leveling) and sound FTP data settings for sending the current tape to a web page Onair allows multiple form layouts in the main window The report form gives you the option of a daily or monthly report that can be saved or printed Add event with fixed terms (like commercials, shows etc.) Add recurring events that can be daily or weekly Loading rotation can also be scheduled (different types of music)

Requirements (minimum)


NOTE: Licenses for version 1.x are not compatible with version 2.x and vice versa!

Full package

    Installation package - ZIP file (v2 2023) (~5MB)

    Installation instructions - PDF File (~5MB)

Updates only (~2MB, ver 2.1) (~1MB, ver 2.0)

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Radio Workstation Onair